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Going on Trial.


Spellbound OUYA is ticking along nicely. It really is. With each new development build we see great steps. Recently, for example, we have gone from static NPCs to Saul’s wonderful new animated characters. At David’s suggestion, we have implemented new features like the map, new character interactions and better ways to keeps spoilers unspoiled. From my point of view there are some visual effects like a reflecting mirror and, for those who remember the Spectrum original, spell casting and lift moving effects, of which I am particularly happy. These go with new visuals, interesting uses of the OUYA controller, new audio tracks and much much more.

It’s a labour of love, it really is, and it’s something I have personally, been very proud and honoured to be a part of.

Up until now, however, very few people have actually seen the game running. Yes, there was the teaser video, sure, yes, I’ve taken it to a few game developer meets to show it off and, almost unanimously, reception has been very positive.

We want reception to be very positive. We like positive.


I play the game almost daily in whatever state it’s currently in, Saul and David receive copies and there are a few chaps out in internet land who have been play testing it on and off for months. Up until now this has been more than sufficient. We get bug reports and feedback and act on it, release a new version, rinse and repeat.

I love the fact that we have people willing to side load on to their OUYA, give the game a quick half an hour or so and then, mostly, tell us how it’s broken. I am never really happy until someone tells me something is broken.

I like broken almost as much as I like positive. It’s an odd concept, I know, but people breaking things in different ways during a small closed Alpha means that, eventually, when we are ready for a larger Beta release most of the little niggles will be gone.

Slowly but surely, bug reports have dropped.

Don’t jump the gun here, there is still a massive amount of content to go into the game, but I believe we are almost* ready for more people to break more things.

Our next big step is to get the game ready for a…. Wait for it…. Public Beta.

You heard me. If you have read this far then I can only assume you are, in some way interested in obtaining a copy of the game at some point. How about soon? Not now, but soon. If all goes according to plan, before the end of June** soon.

If you are interested in beta testing Spellbound OUYA all you need is, well, an OUYA. It needs to be a working one. I shouldn’t have needed to say that, but covering my own back in an ‘OUYA not included’ way is always useful….

No strings, no demands of money up front, no demands of money on release, no hassles, all we ask is that you let us know. That’s not even a demand either. We’ll ask nicely though.

If you want to play, either drop me a comment below or tweet me @Spraydough using the snappily catchy #SBOUYABeta and you are in. That’s it.

We look forward to seeing you in Betaland soon.


*’Almost’ is not in any way a binding term.
**’Before the end of June’ is even less binding, but there is a good chance.