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Spellbound OUYA gameplay video.

For those amongst you who don’t follow me on twitter (@Spraydough) or haven’t been party to any of the forums I frequent, first off, how did you get here? Seriously, I’d love to know… Secondly, assuming you are here about Spellbound you might want to take a sneaky peek at the new gameplay video. It does little else than show that we really are working on getting the game to an OUYA near you, but we think it looks nice.
The video is taken from our latest development build and much may change in the time that will pass before the game is released, but what you can see is that we are heading in the right direction.
There will be a new feel to the game, that’s for sure, new graphics and audio are going to do that, there will be the chance to change the game to suit you, the difficulty you want to play at and the availability of new content if you so desire it will be there. There will be a choice of classic Spellbound maps. Yes, it might feel… Different. But only if you want it to.
At its heart, Spellbound will still be Spellbound. I hope this small scratch of visual delight will help us hammer that home.
watch it here.