Monthly Archives: March 2014


One of the most interesting and unexpectedly pleasing things in the life of a coder is to have a perfectly good, working piece of code that’s sat in the source for months on end, doing its job more than sufficiently and causing no problems whatsoever and to suddenly see why it’s just not good enough.

My reset game code for Spellbound was great. Really, it was just dandy.

Now, after a week of writing and rewriting the code, it’s not only nice, faster and better documented*, but now it forms the basis of the fully working save / load game feature, one of the key headaches I faced when considering how we could bring Spellbound to a new platform. Yes, it was obvious that I should have made it work this way from the off, but then I wouldn’t have had the big smile on my face right now would I?

I should thank John, the iOS side of Geminus Porta, for kicking me hard enough to see the solution.

I do love it when code is gutted instead of me!

*This last statement may not be true. It’s not worse documented though.