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Project Announcement: Spellbound OUYA.

Geminus Porta is proud to announce that it is now the new home for Spellbound OUYA.

Mike Hall (development), who has been working on the project since September 2013, will continue developing the game under the Geminus Porta logo. The development team of Saul Cross (graphics / audio) and Magic Knight creator David Jones (gameplay supervision / new content / archival reference) will continue to play their vital roles in this project.
Spellbound OUYA strives to bring all the fun and entertainment of a massively successful 8 bit computer game and update it for release on the superb new Android based console, the OUYA.
It will contain not only fully playable modernised remakes of both the 48k and 128k ZX Spectrum releases, but will also feature new modes, including an enhanced game with new puzzles, spells, objects and more (created by original Spellbound author David Jones).

All versions of the game will take advantage of beautiful new artwork and audio tracks (by Saul Cross) as well as a host of new sound effects and OUYA controller interaction.
Gameplay will remain as close to the original game as possible, although some improvements have been made to the interface. Windimation, at the time a cutting edge menu system, remains virtually unchanged. The game map layouts for the 48k and 128k original modes are near identical copies of the originals and the spell and NPC interaction features will feel very familiar to veteran players.

The game also takes full advantage of the OUYAs controller. As well as both analogue and digital controls for main game movement, many commonly used commands (pick up, drop, command character, etc) can be mapped to the controllers spare buttons as well as lift movement being
handled both on the OUYA d-pad and in the main Windimation menu system.


Magic Knight, Spellbound the game and all associated characters and gameplay features are used with kind permission of and remain copyright David Jones.